Contentious £200 million waste incinerator will be built in Doncaster despite objections

Contentious plans for a £200 million waste incinerator in Doncaster will be built following a decision by councillors.

By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter
Friday, 18th March 2022, 2:09 pm

Members have given the green light to the site off Sandall Stones Road in Kirk Sandall, which would burn commercial waste to generate electricity for the borough.

The facility would treat up to 300,000 tonnes per annum of commercial and industrial waste and/or municipal waste with ‘90 per cent being diverted away from landfill sites’.

But the proposal prompted objections from residents and opposition from Barnby Dun/Kirk Sandall and Edenthorpe parish councils and DMBC ward councillors in the area.

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An artist's impression of what the Kirk Sandall incincerator could look like. Councillors recently approved the £200 million plans.

The proposals comprise the construction of an energy recovery facility, involving the thermal treatment of residual waste and the recovery of metals, ash and other residues for recycling, and associated infrastructure including engineering; access, landscape; ground and landscaping works.

The facility would treat commercial and industrial waste which otherwise would go to landfill and ‘produce energy from a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and primary resources by recovering maximum value from the waste stream’.

Planning bosses say the site would process waste materials and generate electricity on a 24 hour basis. Waste would only be accepted during daytime hours.

But residents objecting to the plans say the site would increase the number of HGVs impacting roads and worsening air pollution in the area.

The area outlined in red where the incinerator will be positioned.

The Environment Agency had included a condition to raise the site by nearly nine metres to offset flooding.

Edenthorpe and Kirk Sandall councillors Andrea Robinson and David Nevett raised an objection to the application as they consider the proposal is a significant development, the environmental impact upon residents within their ward and surrounding communities ‘will be considerable’.

A condition has been added which will prohibit vehicle movement will be in place with the site and third-party contractors who bring waste to not use Forstead Lane in Bentley as a shortcut. The road has a 7.5 tonne HGV limit.

Mexborough councillor Pickering said: “I think the plant is too close to Doncaster Road, bearing in mind that from my own experience I live further away from a site in Manvers and I don’t think there’s been enough consideration to the residents close to this.”

Stainforth & Barnby Dun councillor Gary Stapleton added: “Really, our main concern should be if this is not granted with the idea of taking in commercial waste from Doncaster, the fact is this is going to be shipped over to Sheffield – it will cause more harm to the environment.”

In total, five councillors were for the application while three voted against.

Applicant James Holsten from BH Energy Doncaster, said: “ We believe this project has the potential to be a highly attractive infrastructure investment into the area.

“Our understanding is this will be one of the largest inward investments in the area over the last 20 years.”