Police warning over cash scams

Police in Doncaster are asking residents to be on their guard against people claiming to be from loan companies or advising on PPI claims with the promise of ready cash.

Officers are warning that residents may be contacted following an online loan application or receive calls out of the blue.

Callers will advise you that you are eligible for a loan, bot an upfront fee is invariably requested to allow the main transaction to take place.

UKASH voucher codes are often requested and although UKASH vouchers are a legitimate way of making online purchases, police say no reputable company will ring and ask for this method of payment.

UKASH are a reputable company and are not involved in the scams.

Crime Management Unit Investigator Jayne Lickiss said: “People should always be extremely cautious about providing any information over the phone. Callers may be very convincing, but residents must keep in mind the fact that the person at the other end of the line has put time and effort into rehearsing their lines with the hope of catching them out.”

Visit www.actionfraud.org.uk for more information.