Police seize quad bikes in crackdown in Doncaster

Police officers have seized quad bikes in Doncaster
Police officers have seized quad bikes in Doncaster

Police have seized four quad bikes and issued warning to two other riders in a crackdown in Doncaster.

Officers mounted an operation in response to complaints about quad bikes being used on footpaths and in parks and fields.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "This anti-social behaviour has created problems within the community, with residents reporting they feel unsafe, vulnerable and at risk.

"To tackle the growing problem, police officers, Police Community Support Officers and the neighbourhood response team have been working in partnership to address this issue, seize bikes and put prevention plans in place to minimise the problem.

"The success of this partnership programme has seen four bikes seized and two warning notices issued for two further bikes."

Inspector Mark Payling, who ran the operation, said: “This has been a major problem within our local neighbourhood communities. The operation we have put in place has seen a reduction in quad bikes and anti-social behaviour, improving community moral and creating a safer environment.

“This work will continue and demonstrates our dedication to improving the community.”

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