Police remove ‘home made convertible’ with roof hacked off in South Yorkshire

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We’ve all been there. The weather is baking, you’re boiling hot and your car has become a sweltering tomb.

So what do you do to get cooler?

Well, for one Rotherham motorist, the answer was obvious: saw the roof off your car and make it into a cabriolet.

South Yorkshire Police found the home-made convertible Ford Ka in Swinton.

The car had no insurance or tax and was SORNed (notified as not being on the roads). Police and Rotherham Council removed the vehicle, deeming it a dangerous structure.

The owner of the vehicle could not be found, but the car has been taken away to be crushed.

Not one to try at home...

Photo: South Yorkshire Police via @RothNorth_LPT

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