Police received 'no reports' about man carrying unconscious woman through Doncaster

Doncaster police have said they received no reports of a man reportedly carrying an unconscious woman through town in broad daylight.

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 8:47 am

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said that there were no details of the incident in its records and no reports appeared to have been made.

A number of shocked passers-by watched as the man reportedly trying to cover the woman’s face with her jacket when he realised people were watching.

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The man was spotted carrying the woman over his shoulder in Holmes Market.

The incident took place near to the Aldi supermarket at around noon, with the couple then heading along Beckett Road.

One person who witnessed the incident said: “The female was unconscious. The blue thing is her jacket - he tried to hide her when people started looking

“He seemed like a dangerous individual so me and my partner kept clear. Loads of people saw but no one approached from what I saw.”