Police pleased with hate crime campaign in South Yorkshire

Police crackdown on hate crime
Police crackdown on hate crime

Police chiefs are hopeful that a campaign to raise awareness of hate crime in South Yorkshire will yield results.

In February, South Yorkshire Police launched its ‘Hate Hurts. Report it’ campaign to raise awareness of hate crime, increase understanding of its impact and encourage reporting.

Following an increase in reports, two suspects have been charge over offences in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Police said two victims recently reported hate crimes which they felt were motivated because of their race or religion.

Temporary Chief Inspector Ian Proffitt said: “It is known nationally that hate is an under-reported crime, so to tackle this and hate incidents in South Yorkshire we launched the ‘Hate Hurts. Report it’ campaign.

“This action was taken as hate is a very real, hurtful crime that can cause distress to not only victims but vulnerable communities who may be subjected to it.

"To prevent and work to tackle this issue, we have been working with our partners and local community groups to increase engagement and understanding of hate and the impact it has.

“I hope through our continued commitment to raise awareness and attention to the results we achieve, we are able to offer reassurance that hate is taken extremely seriously and where possible, we will work to bring offenders before the courts.

Visit http://www.southyorks.police.uk/help-and-advice/z-crime-types/hate-crime to find out more about the campaign or call 101 to report offences.