Police called out to shopping mall protest

The spruced up old section of the Frenchgate Centre.
The spruced up old section of the Frenchgate Centre.

A dozen police officers were called to a Doncaster shopping mall yesterday after a demonstration turned sour.

Six police cars parked outside the Frenchgate Centre blocked St Sepulchre Gate until the situation was defused.

About 12 people gathered outside a cafe on the first floor of the centre to make a protest.

For legal reasons, The Star is not able to publicise the nature of the demonstrators’ grievance.

They displayed placards which members of the cafe staff tried to remove, and a large contingent of Frenchgate security staff were called to the scene.

During heated discussions there was some pushing and shoving between two men, but no-one was injured.

Shoppers began to gather to watch what was happening but the cafe continued serving bemused customers despite the disturbance.

Shortly afterwards police began to arrive and, after talking to the demonstrators, they were escorted peacefully from the centre.

There were no arrests, said a police spokesman.

“It was a small gathering of about 12 people with a placard, and police officers arrived and dispersed them,” the spokesman added.