Police blast drivers for filming car flipped onto its roof on A1 near Doncaster

Police have blasted drivers who slowed down to film and take photos of a car on its roof after an early morning crash on the A1 near Doncaster earlier today.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 10th March 2022, 2:18 pm

Officers were called to the motorway to deal with the aftermath of the smash which caused some delays for motorists this morning.

But police have criticised drivers on the opposite carriageway for videoing and taking photos of the scene.

A spokesman said: “Fortunately, minor injuries to all those involved.

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Drivers on the opposite carriageway filmed and took pictures of the crash.

“What you can’t see, but we did see lots of, is people on the opposite carriageway using their mobile phones to film and take photos of the scene.

“And the vast majority of them were HGV drivers, who are usually very professional drivers. But they should definitely know better.

“Whilst we are dealing with scenes like this, all our attentions should be on helping those involved, instead of worrying about another collision on the opposite carriageway.

“We did manage to get the registration and company details of one, who thought it was OK to use both hands off the steering wheel to steady his phone for a better picture.

The occupants escaped with minor injuries.

"We will be sending him a lovely present through the post in the form of an NIP (notice of intended prosecution) and a ‘tell us who was driving’ letter, which as he was in a company vehicle, will go to the owner/transport manager - who I don’t think will be too pleased.

“Think before you do crazy things like this.”

Anyone with information about the collision can contact police on 101.