Plea for return of Epworth couple’s three-legged cat

Friendly the cat with his owner Ann Lane.
Friendly the cat with his owner Ann Lane.

A three-legged cat called Friendly, adopted by a kind hearted couple, has gone missing from their home and they are desperate for his return.

Paul and Ann Lane (pictured with Friendly), of West End Road, Epworth, said they had cared for the stray for the past year and he had become part of the family.

But a week ago the small, black feral feline, with his back left leg missing, never turned up for his daily feed. They looked high and low for him but found no trace.

Paul said: “He could be locked in an outhouse or shed and I urge people in the area to check. About a year ago he turned up showing signs of extreme pain. He was taken to the veterinary clinic in Scunthorpe and we were advised to have his injured leg amputated. The operation was carried out with help from a couple of cat charities.”

He added: “He lives in our porch with some of his siblings and comes in for breakfast and tea. He is such a loving cat and hence we call him Friendly.

“We are so keen to get Friendly back with us. He was in discomfort when he arrived here, but after the operation he’s back to health.” Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Friendly can call Paul or Ann Lane on 01427 872163.