Plan to end crowding on path at Doncaster village lake

Francis Jackson, of Askern Town Council, at Askern Lake
Francis Jackson, of Askern Town Council, at Askern Lake

Plans have been drawn up to reduce crowding on the banks of a Doncaster lake by moving some of the anglers to new, custom built facilities.

Officials at Askern Town Council are hoping to install new fishing pegs on the side of Askern Lake, in a bid to reduce the number of anglers who gather on the banks on the east side of the lake, where the path is closer to the water.

Fishing pegs are platforms which jut out from the bank into the lake for anglers so they can fish away from other people.

Officials at Askern Town Council are hoping that installing them will mean more space is available on the opposite banks, near some of the amenities, which currently can get crowded, and make the lake better for anglers.

Council chairman Francis Jackson, said: "At the moment we're hoping to put in some fishing pegs.

"Because ownership is with Doncaster Council, the council has to approve them first. There are health and safety implications that have to be considered to meet regulations.

"Most people who fish there do so on the east side, because the pathway is at the foreshore. On the west side, there is the lake, some grass, and then the pathway, so the path is further away from the lake.

"The lake has always been fished, but we need to make sure it is done in a safe and appropriate manner.

"With the Friends of Askern Lake, we've looked at how they do it at Sandall Park and Shaw Lane Pond, where it is similar.

"At our last meeting we'd progressed an application with Doncaster Council to put in three fishing pegs."

The plans were drawn up because it was felt it would be a better place for the anglers, and it would mean that there was more room on the path on the other side of the lake for people to walk, at a spot close to many of the site's amenities.

Doncaster Council says it is looking into the situation.