Pilot ‘dived to avoid crash’, report reveals

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NEWS: News.

Investigators were called in after two aircraft were involved in a ‘near miss’ in the skies over Doncaster.

The two airplanes managed to avoid a mid-air collision when they flew within 300 feet of each other as they approached Doncaster airport, a report has revealed.

The incident prompted a report by the Civil Aviation Authority’s UK Airprox Board.

The report said the PA31 pilot, flying a survey flight from Gamston, had assessed the risk as high.

He told investigators he first noticed a twin engined aircraft passing below him by about 200ft.

The pilot said it was already too late to take any kind of avoiding action and the aircraft had been hidden by his own aircraft’s left hand engine.

The BE90 pilot, who was flying solo, had been flying at 1,900ft.

He told investigators he looked right to see a light twin engine aircraft about 800m away coming towards him a little above his level.

He dived about 200ft to avoid the other aircraft.

The UK Airprox Board, which investigates air safety incidents, said both crews were responsible for maintaining their distance from other aircraft.

The cause of the incident was recorded as being been a non-sighting by the PA31 pilot and a late sighting by the BE90 pilot.

The board concluded that the visual sighting and prompt action by the BE90 pilot had quickly and effectively removed any risk of collision.