PICTURE: The railway station which could be the first in Doncaster to open for a generation

A survey has been launched to gauge demand for a proposed re-opening of Askern Railway Station
A survey has been launched to gauge demand for a proposed re-opening of Askern Railway Station

This could be the first new station to open in Doncaster for a generation - and a survey has been launched to try to push it through.

The Friends of Askern Railway Station have released an artists impression of how they believe the site could look under proposals to return it into use.

The pictures coincide with the launch of a survey of residents in the Askern area to see how well used the station would be if it was re-opened, which has been delivered to thousands of households.

They are hoping a feasibility study will then follow.

The Friends of Askern Railway Station chairman Graham Moss. a former railway signalman, said: "The results will be presented to Doncaster Council and the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive in the hope that we can attract support and prove to an operator, whether that be Northern Rail or Aviva, that there is a viable service.

"We're asking people, if the station was restored, would you use it? The response we've seen so far has been very supportive."

The proposals which are being raised by the Friends group would see a pre-modulated platform put in place, with a bus shelter style structure to keep passengers dry.

They believe it could also have a ticket machine.

Using the existing tracks, they believe the station could be linked to Doncaster town centre, Leeds, and the Junction 32 shopping centre at Castleford. They believe it would event be possible to link up to London through the Bradford to London route.

Mr Moss said: "There have been a number of new stations opened in West Yorkshire, but South Yorkshire has seen nothing."

Mayor of Doncaser Ros Jones has confirmed her own support for the scheme.

She said: "It's a travel to work area and we've got to work to improve all of our modes of transport. If there is something that we can do to improve that, then it's something that we'd like to do."

Askern Town Councillors have also expressed support for the proposal.

Town council chairman Francis Jackson said some people were concerned it would mean the level crossings in the village would be down for longer.

But he added: "We think the survey can be the catalyst for a feasibility study."

The survey is also being delivered to homes in Askern, Campsall, Burghwallis, Sutton, Thorpe-in-Balne and Fishlake - towns in an eight mile radius.

Surveys can also be found and filled in online on the Friends of Askern Railway Station facebook page.