PICTURE: Is this the Doncaster Clown captured on camera?

Is this the Doncaster Clown captured on camera?
Is this the Doncaster Clown captured on camera?

This picture shows the creepy moment the existence of the sinister Doncaster Clown was apparently confirmed.

The photo was taken last night in Intake at around 10.40pm by a man who says he spotted the character loitering by his front gate.

The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, claims he spotted the Doncaster Clown, who has become an internet sensation, as he went to lock up for the night.

He said: "I just caught a glimpse of him through the glass and managed to grab a picture. I'd read about it on the internet and thought it was all a joke so it was a bit of a surprise when I saw him.

"I don't know if it is the actual Doncaster Clown, a copycat or someone just on their way home from a fancy dress party or something. He was walking past the gate and I managed to get a quick pic.

"It was a bit weird to be honest - and it did feel a bit creepy."

The clown was apparently spotted on Leger Way, a short distance from Danum School. It is not clear if the photo has been altered or faked.

The clown announced he was returning to bring terror to the streets of Doncaster on Friday after a three year absence.

The Doncaster Clown Facebook page now has nearly 4,000 likes and people have been gripped with details of the bizarre story as it has unfolded across the weekend.

The character has been updating fans with updates of its appearances, having claimed to be in Rossington on Friday and Stainforth on Saturday. There were no details of its movements posted last night.

The character has terrified residents with posts and photographs on its Facebook page warning of "attacks" on various local villages. The creepy character has said it just wants "hugs."

A group to report clown sightings has also been set up while scores of people have thrown down challenges for the clown to visit their village. The Spot the Clown Doncaster group has attracted nearly 200 people.

However, other Facebook users have threatened the clown with violence and attacks if it comes to their village.

And others have claimed the clown is a fake, with photos of sightings stolen from the web.

The character, who reportedly brought fear to streets of the town three years ago despite no confirmed sightings, began a new wave of fear on Friday with the chilling message: "I'm coming back. Keep your eyes open..."

There were reported "sightings"on social media of the spooky clown haunting the streets of Doncaster in 2013 and police were moved to reassure the public after scores of reports of residents donning clown costumes and stalking the streets to terrify residents.

The Free Press has contacted the Doncaster Clown for a comment but there has been no response.