Petition against plan to turn former Carcroft newsagents into an Indian takeaway

Residents in a Doncaster village have objected to plans to convert a former newsagents into an Indian takeaway.

Applicant Tirath Singh Powar has submitted a change of use application to convert the former High Street News on High Street, Carcroft, into a fast-food outlet.  

But Doncaster Council has received a 14-name petition along with three written objections to the proposals. 

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Council planning officers have recommended members of the planning committee approve the application. 

But residents have raised concerns around litter, noise, smell and extra traffic. 

The owner of a chip shop close to the unit has also raised concerns he may be put out of business if the application is approved. Planning officers stated in a report seen by councillors this cannot be taken into consideration as it ‘isn’t a planning matter’. 

Officers working in Public Health have also opposed the application as any change would mean three of the eight shops along High Street would be fast-food takeaways. 

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In a report sent to the planning department, Public Health said the conversion could impact on obesity levels in the area. Statistics show only ‘19.6 per cent of adults in Carcroft eat healthily’. 

An objection signed off from JB Canning from Carcroft said: “I have the following concerns about the application.The smell might upset nearby residents and the extra traffic on the High Street, there are serious parking problems already.

“More noise on the high street and it may be noisier at night with people and cars. We also have problems with litter and food thrown on the pavement and in our gardens.

“We already have four food outlets in that area of the High Street. Please consider these issues.”

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Councillors on the planning committee will have the final say at a meeting at Civic Office on Tuesday, February 5. 






Planning officer Alicia Murray said: “On balance it is considered that subject to carefully worded conditions relating to ventilation and opening hours, the proposal would not cause significantly detrimental harm to the living conditions of the neighbouring residents.

“Nor would the proposal exacerbate the area in terms of highway safety or be detrimental to the health and well-being of the local population.

“The application is therefore recommended for approval, subject to conditions.”