Pet dog in poisoning mystery

A spaniel dog, similar to two-year-old Flynn who died after being poisoned
A spaniel dog, similar to two-year-old Flynn who died after being poisoned

WORRIED dog owners are scared to take their pets for a walk after a spaniel died from a chemical poisoning.

Kev Robinson’s two-year-old dog Flynn died after he was poisoned in what the owner described as “a horrific and painful” death.

After five hours of treatment by the vet, at a cost of £600, he was told the dog had consumed chemicals and would not survive.

Mr Robinson, who owns Swing Bridge Timber in Hatfield Road, Thorne, said: “I had three dogs and they would just be at the timber yard with me.

“Flynn came back and was chewing on a rabbit, so I do not know whether that had been laced with poison or not.

“The vet confirmed he had chemical toxins in his system, but could not do much for him other than make him comfortable.

“I have heard some poison was put down on the playing fields, but I don’t know if that is just a rumour.”

The woodyard owner told the Free Press that he felt as though he had lost his best friend, with his wife and son also struggling to come to terms with the sudden loss.

The land behind his timber yard is used by dog walkers and has football pitches on, with many in the area fearing a chemical had been spilled on to the land.

Mr Robinson said he has visited the area with environmental officers from Doncaster Council so they could carry out tests.

He added he had heard other dog walkers talking of their pets being ill over the last week, although figures circulating around the town range from two sick dogs to 14.

Alan Millership, another dog owner, from Pennine Road, Thorne, said he did not want to take his dog out for a walk because of the scare.

He added: “It is not just dog owners that need to be worried about it if chemicals are out there.

“The kids are off school in two weeks for Easter and will be out playing, it could happen to them.”

Evolution Animal Care vets in Thorne confirmed it had received dozens of calls from worried owners, although said it had not dealt with any cases of poisoned pooches.

It is not known if the chemicals were put down deliberately or was an accident.