Permanent alcohol licence granted for Doncaster village barn despite objections from residents

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A converted barn in a Doncaster village has been granted a permanent alcohol licence despite objections from residents.

Applicant Stephanie Lee is now able to hold licensed activities throughout the year at The Barn on Bubup Hill, Loversall. The building is currently used as a wedding venue.

The applicant has currently held pre-planned events under a Temporary Events License (TEN) for the last four years. These have to be applied to the council in advance and a limited amount is available each year.

But the application came with fierce opposition from residents and Loversall Parish Council.

They raised concerns about an increase in drunken behaviour, noise and traffic through the village.

One resident said the area now 'resembles a pit village' and has seen people 'connected to the wedding venue having sex' outside.

Loversall Farm Day Nursery also objected but after discussions between the applicant and the licensing team, no alcohol will be sold between the hours of 7am and 6.15pm from Monday to Friday. They have since withdrawn their objection.

At a meeting on Tuesday, councillors on the sub-licensing committee granted the permanent licence.

No residents who formally objected attended the meeting to speak. But Loversall Parish Council chairman Keith Wilson did attend and asked the committee to consider extra conditions.

Some included notifying the parish council of events one month in advance, no external used for speech or music and that the venue remains a events space and 'not a bar'.

Mr Wilson also requested that litter on the streets from the venue should be cleared away by 7am the next day.

But sub-licensing chair Coun Ken Keegan, said: "A number of conditions have been agreed with the nursery so the sale of alcohol would only take place after the nursery had closed.

"Mr Wilson from Loversall Parish Council, stated that not all the problems could be attributed to the applicant, but felt that there were concerns among the residents.

"We have decided to grant the licence - we feel the conditions agreed promote all the licensing objectives.

"There were very limited evidence of the problems that could be attributed to the applicant. The environmental health department have not any representation about noise and only three complaints have been received which could not be substantiated.

"In the conditions put forward by the parish council, we felt they were unreasonable and not enforceable and beyond the remit of this committee."

Coun Keegan thanked Mr Wilson for his 'well put forward points' and added: "If you've got any issues, please try and work with the applicant and hopefully overcome any problems."