People's Vote gives us the chance to avoid dark path

I write in response to Mr Morrison's comments in the '˜Brexit: Voices' part of last week's Free Press.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 3:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 3:53 pm

He clearly either forgets or chooses to ignore that the conflicts of WWI and WWII were not as simple as ‘Britain vs Germany’.

It was a fight against an ideology that happened to have roots in German nationalism.

Fascists travelled from across Europe to fight under the swastika, just as those, including many Germans, who believed in democracy travelled to Britain to fight against it.

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To appropriate the sacrifice and struggle of those generations in order to prop up a political argument that itself teaches us to see foreigners as a problem, to see ourselves as ‘exceptional’ compared to other countries, and that has leading Brexiters, (including actual, sitting Members of Parliament), calling for remain-supporting voters to be locked up and even executed for treason, is completely abhorrent and insulting.

As for ‘making our flag mean something again’, if Mr Morrison had done some investigating he would have discovered how greatly respected and admired Britain is across Europe and around the world. Our ‘soft power’ is second to none.

Unfortunately it is obvious from foreign press coverage and conversation that the Union Flag, for many, now represents a country that has become unpredictable, untrustworthy and unstable.

This isn’t just true of Europe but of former British colonies too.

We also know there is not going to be any economic benefit from Brexit, so how does he expect the government or council to ‘solve the issues that concern people’ when they have no money to do it?

Leave campaigners had 40 years to come up with a plan.

So why is it that for two years we have had no plan, no vision and no actual, real evidence of how Brexit benefits Doncaster or the wider UK?

It is no longer good enough to blame the EU, foreigners or ‘remoaners’ for our problems, or dismiss legitimate warnings as ‘project fear’.

People voted to leave because they were given good reasons to do so.

Unfortunately, they have proven to be nothing more than lies from an elitist clique determined to sell this country out to the highest bidder.

It’s time for the people to be asked what future they want.

I do not believe it is one without the NHS, where global corporations continue to evade tax, and where being British is to be poor and pitied.

Only a People’s Vote gives us the chance to avoid that dark path.

Anthony French

by email