Yorkshire Wildlife Park's 400 animals showcased on top Channel 5 show Big Week at the Zoo

Helen Skelton and Nick Baker at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Helen Skelton and Nick Baker at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Animal-lovers will have the chance to see more of Yorkshire Wildlife Park's 400 animals tonight - and for the rest of the week - as a popular Channel 5 show continues.

Big Week at the Zoo, which airs each night this week at 8pm, highlights the dedication of zoo staff in the UK and focuses on different species every day of this week.

Lucy-Jo Hudson at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Lucy-Jo Hudson at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Viewers of the show will see some of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park's 400 animals from more than 70 species, including behind the scenes footage of the journey and settling in of the latest arrivals, the Japanese Ussuri bears who were rescued from Japan to start a new life at the park earlier this month.

Presenters Helen Skelton and Nick Baker show footage of the day-to-day work at the park as they anchor the show from a purpose built safari studio at the Branton-based park.

Helen said: "We showcase what British zoos do, and all the conservation and research that goes on behind the scenes, and I really feel like we get to know the people running everything."

The show also features many familiar faces from YWP including Carnivore Team Leader Kim Wilkins, who is dubbed Carnivore Kim as the carnivore team’s work with lions, leopards, tigers, polar bears and the newly arrived Ussuri brown bears is showcased.

A less familiar face who will be making an appearance in the show later in the week is Barney, the Anatolean Shepherd Dog who lives at the park.

The team reveal different zoo animal stories throughout the week, including animal relocations, complicated veterinary procedures and what it’s like to look after some of the most endangered species in the world.

The wildlife show features expert guests and celebrity faces including Wild At Heart actress Lucy-Jo Hudson, former JLS singer and farmer JB Gill, The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright, The One Show’s wildlife reporter Miranda Krestovnikoff and Extreme Animals presenter Steve Leonard.

The park partnered with zoos across the UK including Chessington, Colchester, Crocodiles of the World, Edinburgh, Flamingo Land, Jersey and Paignton, for programme, which is the first of its kind celebrating British zoos.

Cheryl Williams, director of the park, has been working with the film crew for the past few months.

She said: "It is a great honour to be chosen as the host site for this amazing programme which really brings to life the work done at wildlife parks and zoos across the UK. Conservation and welfare are at the heart of everything we do and the dedication of the staff shines through in the programme.”