'Worse than Brexit!" Viewers react to Doncaster mum's 'bizarre' naked TV show

Viewers have described a show which saw a Doncaster mum dumped in the middle of the countryside without any clothes with a fellow naked stranger as ‘bizarre’ and ‘worse than Brexit.’

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 7th October 2021, 9:08 am

Doncaster’s Chrissie Wunna was among four contestants taking part on last night’s E4 reality show Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home which saw the hopefuls stripped of all their clothes and then given the challenge of hiking 50 kilometres across the Yorkshire Dales totally starkers.


And viewers could scarcely believe their eyes as the one hour programme unfolded.

Chrissie and Ryan hiked naked across the Yorkshire Dales for a new TV show. (Photo: E4)

One viewer said: “Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home is absolutely bizarre TV! Who comes up with this stuff?!”

Another said: “Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home is a genuine British programme that is on right now and I wanna die.”

While another asked: “Is this worse than Brexit?”

Another said: "Can't believe what I am watching on E4 naked alone and racing to get home!!people walking across the Moors naked it's a joke all you see on TV these days is people's bits!! Made me laugh what next! Nothing left to the imagination these days!"

The show began with two men and two women stripping off at the top of Dodd Fell Hill in the Yorkshire Dales with the task of getting to Skipton, 50km away, with no food, possesions, electronic gadgets – or clothes.

The aim of the three day challenge was to reach the town’s Fred Trueman statue first – with the winning team scooping £5,000 for charity.

Chrissie was teamed up with trainee accountant Ryan while the other team was made up of a life coach, Laura and a photographer called Michael.

Whipping off her bra and pants, she said: “It feels really awkward watching someone getting undressed. I don’t feel as brave anymore. I feel exposed.”

The two teams headed off in different directions, with Chrissie and Ryan eventually finding a road – where they attempted to unsuccessfully flag down drivers startled by their nudity.

Eventually finding a farm and trying to attract the attention of the owners, Chrissie told the cameras: “This is so rude and wrong on every level. We don’t have clothes on!”

Given shelter in a barn for the night, the pair made makeshift beds out of old blankets with Chrissie declaring: “This is the craziest day of my entire life! It feel;s like a wedding night or one night stand!”

The second day saw the pair making makeshift underwear from rubbish found in the barn and despite increasing rifts and bickering, Ryan and Chrissie opened up a big lead over their rivals, despite her yelling at him at one stage: “I hate you!”

After being handed food by a friendly farmer, the pair spent the second night camping in a field in a donated tent with Chrissie declaring: “I’ve never slept in a tent before.”

The following day, with the other pair managing to catch a train to head to Skipton, Chrissie and Ryan managed to jump on board a bus – using black bin bags to cover up their naked bodies.

With both couples arriving in Skipton at the same time, the final scenes saw both teams racing through the streets in a bid to land the £5,000 prize with Ryan yelling at Chrissie: “Let’s f***ing go. If we lose, its your fault.”

But it was Michael and Laura who triumphed by a matter of minutes.

Chrissie added: “This insane experience has been the best experience I’ve ever had,” with Ryan slyly remarking: “You made it more insane than what it could have been.”