Women turn clock back 100 years to mark Doncaster golf landmark

A group of women golfers have turned the clock back over 100 years - to replicate a famous picture.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 4:19 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd August 2019, 9:19 pm

One of the best known and oldest pictures hanging on the walls at Doncaster Golf Club on Bawtry Road, shows a group of female players gathered in their finest 1913-style fashions.

And today there is a matching picture hanging below it after today's crop of players put on the same style of clothes to celebrate the 125th anniversary of their club.

The women decided to dress up in Victorian and Edwardian costumes for a golf day to mark the club's landmark year. And that led them to decide to pose for the matching picture, taken by club member David Horncastle.

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Women from Doncaster Golf Club pictured in November 1913 at a tournament in Harrogate
Women from Doncaster Golf Club pictured in November 1913 at a tournament in Harrogate

Women's captain at the club Carole O'Neill said: "It was great fun. The ladies who took part were really up for it and were impressed with the picture that was taken.

"We were having a nine hole competition on the day, and I thought it would be fun to dress up. I wan't sure at first if anyone would, but people started talking about it a lot as the day got close.

"Then the vice-caption, Kay Vickers suggested if we were dressing up, we should do a new version of the old picture."

"So we decided to recreate the picture to mark the 125 years, and to do something to show that there were women playing golf all those years ago as well as men, and that it's not just been a male preserve."

Carole O'Neill, Lady Captain, driving off. Audrey Blake, a past captain, watching. as women members of Doncaster Golf Club wore Edwardian and Victorian outfits to mark the club's 125 anniversary. Picture: David Horncastle

The members picked up costimes from sites on the internet, and from their own wardrobes, with some even making their won.

Kay even managed to get hold of an old fasnshioned golf bag to match one on the old photo.

"People really went to town," said Carole.

The photo is the oldest framed photo in the club's archive. It was taken at Starbeck Golf Club, now Harrogate, on Tuesday 11 November 1913, which members say explains why the ladies are so warmly clad!

Women members of Doncaster Golf Club replicating an old photo, with this new picture taken in 2019. Picture: David Horncastle

The ladies' captain at the centre is Mrs Greener but the rest of the team have yet to be identified.

Carole said: "We found it's a lot more difficult to play golf wearing all those old fashioned clothes. Usually we'd be playing in summer in short sleeves and cut off trousers."

Women members of Doncaster Golf Club dressed in Victorian and Edwardian clothing to mark the club's 125th anniversary. Picture: David Horncastle