Wealthy Doncaster family star on TV's Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday

A wealthy Doncaster family swapped their traditional holidays in the sun – for a camper van in Wales for a TV show where families from opposite sides of the rich-poor divide switch breaks.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 22nd February 2021, 11:30 am

Lisa and Roger Hensby and their three young children featured on last night’s edition of Channel 5 show Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday where people get to experience how the other half lives on holiday.

The couple, who have three children under five, regularly spend more than £8,000 holidaying abroad in luxury villas - and they dine out nightly, spending up to £100 a head.

They swapped lives with a family from Southport – Sue, Genna and Ray – who work so much that they rarely have time for holidays.

Lisa and Roger Hensby swapped luxury hols for a trip to Wales in a campervan.

When they do, it’s short breaks and free activities. An animal-loving family, they spend all their hard-earned cash on rescuing, housing and feeding horses as well as paying off a £250,000 debt forced onto Sue by her estranged ex-husband.

In the swap, Lisa and Roger were seen eschewing their lavish holidays in the sun for a budget trip to windy Wales in a campervan, where they also had to clean out their own sewage tank.

Sue, Genna and Ray were treated to an all-expenses paid trip to a top-of-the-range Devon manor frequented by the super-rich, staying in complete luxury as they experienced the perfect horse-lover’s holiday, which included riding among wild horses.

Interior designer Lisa, who runs Doncaster firms Baby Dinosaurs and LH Interiors, lives in a lavish home in Crowle.

You can catch up on the show, which was aired last night HERE