We need to put trust in young voters - Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks at the Labour Youth manifesto launch at the Hub
Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks at the Labour Youth manifesto launch at the Hub

The future of the country depends on young people and the outcome of this election will determine what kind of future young people have.

This Government has betrayed young people.

I am determined that the next generation does better than the last.

We have launched our ‘Shape Your Future’ scheme, which will give young people up and down the country the opportunity to talk to us about Labour’s Young Britain manifesto.

And once we’ve published that manifesto and if we are in government I want young people to hold us to account.

This election comes down to a choice about how we run the country and who we run it for.

Do we want a country which works for all young people, or just the few at the top in our society?

We will improve the quality of work available for young people by raising the minimum wage and supporting a living wage.

I believe a country can only succeed when we create opportunity for all of our young people.

That’s why the educational priority for the next Labour government will be apprenticeships and a revolution in vocational education.

A Labour government will make sure that as many young people leaving school are able to do apprenticeships as currently go to university.

But we also want to do more for students heading to university, who leave at the end burdened down with debt.

This election will also decide how easy it will be for your generation to find a home of your own to rent or to buy.

For the first time, we will give those renting the security that they need, and stop letting agents charging tenants, saving young people as much as £500 when they rent.

We will trust the voice of young people by giving the vote to all 16 and 17-year-olds by May 2016.

It will be the biggest extension of the right to vote in almost a century – to over 1.5 million people.

Even before we get to this election, we now know there is a clear and present danger that young people will not even have the right to use their voice.

In the last year almost one million people have fallen off the electoral register.

Hundreds of thousands of them are young people.

This is a direct consequence of the government’s decision to ignore warnings that rushing through new individual voter registration would damage democracy. It has.

We will ensure that young people do not lose their voice.

I urge young people to make sure their voice is heard.

And let’s build a country where all young people can succeed.