WATCH: Now Rate My Takeaway star Danny Malin demolishes huge mixed grill at Doncaster kebab shop

He’s becoming a regular visitor to Doncaster – and this is the moment YouTube star Danny Malin demolished a huge mixed grill on his trademark table outside a town centre kebab shop.

Wednesday, 4th August 2021, 3:04 pm
Danny Malin dropped into Smokey's in Doncaster for a slap up meal for his Rate My Takeway channel. (Photo: Rate My Takeaway).

Danny has become a viral smash hit, travelling across Yorkshire and tucking into massive meals for his Rate My Takeaway channel, with millions of viewers tuning in to see him taking on a string of belly-busting food challenges – always with his trust fold-up table and chair in tow.

Following visits to Doncaster’s Urban Burger and Shepherd’s Place farm at Haxey where he tucked into a gargantuan £25 full English breakfast, the popular Yorkshireman, who hails from Leeds, was back in town with a trip to Smokey’s kebab shop on Nether Hall Road.

And it was thumbs-up all round, with Danny giving the takeaway a ‘solid ten out of ten.’

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The clip, which has been watched more than 150,000 times, begins with Danny driving around a rain soaked Doncaster town centre and struggling to find a parking space, chuckling to the camera: “People in Doncaster need to learn how to park cars up,” before breaking into song, singing to the camera: “The red car and the blue car had a race….I’m off to Smokey’s to stuff me face!”

Handing over £20, Danny is seen opting for peri-peri chicken, chips, rice, prawns and chilli sauce, as well as a mixed grill featuring lamb chops and doner kebab meat.

In addition, his feast also includes lemon and herb halloumi, salad and pitta wraps – washed down with a bottle of water.

And as he awaits his meal, he says: “If it tastes as good as it smells, we’re onto a winner straight away.”

Spotted in the street by a fan, he breaks off his film to video call a young woman’s friend telling them: “You’re on YouTube now!”

Tucking into the massive meal, he tells the viewers: “This is a meal fit for a king. The king of kebabs.

"It’s like a meaty dream. When you’re a fat lad like me and like kebabs and get this put in front of you….this is what I’ve worked all my life for!”

You can watch the full video HERE