Watch: Music fans recreate Doncaster pub's infamous viral dancing video

This is the hilarious moment a group of friends recreated a Doncaster pub’s infamous viral karaoke dancing video which made global headlines.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 9:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 9:44 am

The bizarre clip, which was filmed at the Coach and Horses in Scot Lane five years ago, shows a colourful collection of characters dancing – and has been viewed millions of times across the globe.

And ahead of Saturday night’s concert by Paul Heaton and Jaqcui Abbott at the Eco Power Stadium, a group of pals decided to recreate some of the unique dance moves by dropping in at the bar.

Sharing their recreation on Twitter, user @pregnantfishes tweeted: “Great night in Doncaster and had to go in the famous Coach and Horses pub!”

The friends recreated the infamous viral video from the Coach and Horses. (Photo/Video: @pregnantfishes).

The clip shows the friends copying the dance moves of those seen in the video which has achieved such fame that a man flew 10,000 miles from Australia to visit while TV and radio celebrity Rylan Clark-Neal also shared the clip with fans.

The strange footage, which first surfaced four years ago, has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and shows a string of colourful characters dancing to music at traditional bar.

The 23-second clip begins with a blonde-haired woman, clutching a bottle and shaking their head and bottom to the music as the camera focuses on them.

As the camera pans away, an elderly customer wearing a flat cap and what appears to be a football scarf shuffles into shot, seemingly bemused at the carryings on as he makes his way across the dancefloor using a walking stick.

The action then cuts to a man dressed in a green woollen hat, donkey jacket and jeans, marching solider-like to the music with a blank expression while the clip concludes with a little person wandering across the dancefloor.

The clip was originally posted on Twitter in 2017 by Football Away Days with the message: "Coach and Horses in Doncaster. Definitely calling in here next time I'm there on an away day," complete with four "crying with laughter" emojis.

Josh Sorrel from Melbourne flew to the UK after discovering the place where the karaoke clip was filmed was the local pub of his British friends – and wanted to check it for himself.

The footage was originally filmed by Di Marshall who said: “I was out with some friends and thankfully went in there.

“It’s the most hilarious day we’ve had. I find it quite amazing so many people think my video is as funny as we did.”

The former X-Factor and Celebrity Big Brother star took to Instagram to share the clip – and simply captioned it “June 21st 2021” – the date then Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all Covid lockdown restrictions in England could come to an end.

You can watch the original video HERE