Volunteers will be dog rough for animal charity

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It’s a dog’s life for a group of inteprid animal lovers as they prepare to spend the night in kennels.

Friends of the Helping Yorkshire Poundies (HYPS), which are based in Rotherham, are planning to be dog rough on October 28 when they take part in a sponsored sleepover.

Volunteer Cathy Ruston explained: “I volunteer for the local dog rescue called Helping Yorkshire Poundies. They have been established for a number of years and have saved hundreds of dogs from the stray pounds within this time.

“Many of these poor dogs who, quite often through no fault of their own, have been abandoned would otherwise face a very uncertain future. They receive no funding and have to rely on public donations through fundraising events etc to enable them to give these poor dogs the second chance in life that they so deserve.

“On October 28 a number of volunteers will be holding a sponsored sleepover where we will be sleeping in the kennels with the dogs to raise vital funds.”

HYPS formed back in 2012, originally set up to help find spaces in rescues up and down the UK for dogs who were due to be put to sleep in council pounds. Although they still help dogs in pounds to find rescue spaces, this is now just a small part of what they do as they have grown and evolved into a rehoming rescue, and now also take dogs in directly from homes in emergency situations.

Anyone that would like to sponsor the sleepover should visit the Just Giving page Click here or for more information about the charity Click here