VIDEO: YouTube star BeardMeatsFood takes on Doncaster restaurant's belly busting breakfast challenge

This is the moment a YouTube star took on a Doncaster restaurant’s belly busting English breakfast challenge – and won.

Sunday, 9th January 2022, 8:50 am
BeardMeatsFood gets ready to take on the breakfast challenge at the Tattooed Goose.

Customers have been taking on the £30 mammoth breakfast at the town’s Tattooed Goose for more than three years – and no-one had managed to clear the gargantuan plate, stacked high with sausages, hash browns, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, fried bread and toast.

But the YouTuber, whose real name is Adam Moran, became the first person to polish off the brekkie inside 30 minutes – meeting the deadline with just seconds to spare.

The former banker from Leeds visited the restaurant, which is situated inside the Hallcross pub in Hall Gate for the ‘B*tch Please Challenge” – and the video of his efforts has been viewed more than 650,000 times.

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The dish includes ‘six of everything’ – and has defeated scores of confident diners over the past few years.

The clip shows him being presented with the belly-busting breakfast by owner Ste McGuire and he dives straight in, scooping up the venue’s meaty sausages with his hands.

With six of everything on the plate to get through, by the middle of the challenge, Adam admits things are starting to get tough, telling viewers: “It doesn’t look particularly different from normal, but its tricky.

"The reason is all the ingredients are really, really good. Normally the sausages in these challenges are really, really cheap but these are really good, really lean and it is taking a lot of chewing.”

The 'B*tch Please' challenge breakfast at the Tattooed Goose.

Washing down the breakfast with water and two pints of Diet Coke, the star realises he is struggling and is forced to speed up, scooping food into his mouth with his hands as stunned customers look on.

"I can barely close my mouth,” he says, as he munches through slice after slice of bread in the challenge, which sees diners get the meal free if they complete it in under 30 minutes.

“I can see how it has been unconquered,” he adds. “It looks easy on the surafce but it will take some effort to be completed.”

Finishing off with the mushrooms, he manages to clear his plate with just over a minute and a half remaining, being clocked at 28 minutes and 11 seconds, making sure to scoop up every last morsel from his plate as the cameras roll and customers encourage him on.

Mr McGuire can be heard describing the achievement as ‘an Aguero moment’ – comparing it to when footballer Sergio Aguero scored the winning goal in injury time to secure the Premier League title for Manchester City in the final moments of the 2011-12 season.

At the end of the clip, a visibly pained and struggling BeardMeatsFood tells the camera: “I think I might go straight to A&E.”

You can watch the video on BeardMeatsFood’s YouTube channel HERE while you can find out more about The Tattooed Goose at its Facebook page HERE

Formerly based in Stainforth, the restaurant has now moved to Doncaster town centre.