Vet staff accused of pouring water to deter homeless man camping in Doncaster car park

Staff at a Doncaster veterinary surgery have been accused of pouring water outside their premises to deter a homeless man from sleeping there.

Saturday, 18th September 2021, 2:42 pm

The man, known only as Jade, has been camping outside the Tesco Express store in Wheatley for a number of months.

The car park, which is at the junction of Wentworth Road and Wheatley Hall Road, also houses vet practice Vets 4 Pets.

And according to people who have come to the aid of Jade, staff have been pouring water on the ground outside the surgery to prevent him from sleeping there.

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Helpers have accused Vets 4 Pets staff of pouring water outside the practice to deter a Doncaster homeless man from sleeping there.

One said: “They are pouring water on the ground just before they close so it is wet and he can’t sleep there.

"I’ve helped him out in the past with food and things. It is just to stop him sleeping there.”

Photos show the practice’s doorway shuttered off, with a damp patch on the ground in front of it.

One said: “I got out of my car and there at the end of a car park was a little tent and a guy sat outside it making himself a roll-up cigarette.

"He had loads of things like clothes and food scattered around him.

"Not what you expect to see when you go shopping!”

He added: “When I went back a few days later, he had moved the tent and it was outside the Vets 4 Pets branch.

"I am guessing he must be homeless – it was just a really unusual sight to see.”

"We have contacted Vets 4 Pets for comment.