TV host Adrian Chiles calls for medal for mum of Doncaster Olympic hero Bradly Sinden

Television presenter Adrian Chiles has said the mum of Doncaster Olympic hero Bradly Sinden should also receive a medal, after her son’s silver medal success in Tokyo.

Monday, 2nd August 2021, 1:57 pm
TV host Adrian Chiles has called for Bradly Sinden's mum to also get an Olympic medal. (Photos: AFP/Getty).

And television presenter Adrian Chiles says that Bradly’s mum Sheryl should also be awarded a medal – along with all the parents of Britain’s Olympic heroes, who he praised for their hard work in helping their children reach the pinnacle of their dreams.

Writing about Bradly’s success for The Sun, he wrote: “Bradly Sinden had a back story featuring similar levels of commitment and parental devotion.

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“Twice a week, through his teens, his mum would take him from Doncaster to Manchester for training.

“What a gruelling drive that is! And twice a week!"

He also used the column to take a swipe at fellow TV host Piers Morgan who had suggested that winning silver was meaningless in a tweet.

He said: “This on the same day that a leading figure in British public life, Piers Morgan, suggested coming second didn’t mean that much. I’d award Piers a gold medal for all sorts of things, but for that particularly tweet he doesn’t get a place on my podium.

“Bradly’s mum gets a gold medal from me for that drive, which will be of no consolation to her boy, who was every bit as gutted with his silver as Piers Morgan would have wanted him to be.”

He said: “The more I think about it, the more I feel sure that after each medal ceremony there should be a second one for the parents to be awarded theirs.”

Bradly missed out on the gold to Uzbekistan teenager Ulug Rashitov who pipped him to victory in the final seconds of the contest.

"It was my gold medal to give away - obviously he is a good fighter, I just made a few mistakes,” he said.

"I think I got unlucky with a few things as well but that is taekwondo,” he said.