Top 10 sex qualities that make Doncaster men and women good in bed revealed

The top ten qualities that make you good in bed have been revealed - and the answers for men and women in Doncaster are surprisingly different.

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 1:07 pm
The top 10 sex qualities for Doncaster people have been revealed.

Women from Doncaster above all want a man who puts her pleasure before his own.

The second most important quality for women is that their partner enjoys foreplay.

In third place are men who wait for their partner to climax before they finish.

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Fourth place goes to men who don’t fall asleep straight after sex is finished.

And fifth place goes to men who are sensitive with their hands.

The results are from a new survey by, the UK’s leading affairs site.

The ten qualities Doncaster men most desire in a sexual partner are strikingly different.

In first place is a woman who clearly shows that she is enjoying sex.

In second place is a fit and athletic body.

Third place goes to women who are happy to initiate sex.

In fourth place on the male list is great boobs and fifth is women who wear sexy lingerie.

The survey found that three-quarters of men (74%) and two-thirds of women (67%) have ended a relationship because the sex is not right.

Eight out of ten men (82%) and a smaller number of women (62%) said the key to maintaining a good sex life was having a partner who realised good intimacy was the key to relationship success. sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: “What these findings show is that men and women have completely different priorities when it comes to good sex.

“Women are looking for an unselfish lover who always puts their partner’s needs first and is never rude enough to orgasm before he has taken care of his partner.

“Men are a little straight forward and most desire a partner who is keen to take the lead in the bedroom, show that she is having a good time and try new things.

“Most sexual problems in relationships come about through complacency. Couples get bored of doing the same things every week. That is the key driver in unhappy spouses starting affairs.”

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Doncaster women - 10 qualities that make men good in bed

1 He puts my pleasure before his own

2 Enjoys foreplay

3 He waits so that I can orgasm

4 He doesn’t fall fast asleep afterwards

5 He is sensitive with his hands

6 Good kisser

7 He doesn’t treat sex like porn

8 A six-pack and a well toned body

9 He is a good size

10 He doesn’t finish too early

Doncaster men - 10 qualities that make women good in bed

1 She looks like she is enjoying it

2 Fit body

3 She is happy to initiate sex

4 Great boobs

5 Sexy lingerie

6 Happy to give oral sex

7 Keen to try new things

8 Good kisser

9 Enjoys spontaneous sex outside of normal times

10 Enjoys dirty talk