This is what Doncaster people think about the possible vaccine passport proposed by the goverment

Vaccine passports have been a heated topic of debate recenlty – we asked our readers what they think about the idea.

By Laura Andrew
Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 9:34 am

Opinion is split on this matter – some of our readers are in favour of the vaccine passport.

Marvin Beaumont, said: “I would be happy to have a vaccine passport and have it updated to record a booster every year.

“I see no harm in it whatsoever, moving forward it will make things like flying abroad so much easier, in fact I suppose the same information could be tagged to a travel passport as well.”

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This is what our readers think about the possibility of vaccine passports.

Leanne Taylor, said: “I’m pleased about it (provided it is only a temporary measure to slow the spread and help prevent another lockdown).

"I have children who obviously haven’t been vaccinated yet and I would prefer for them not to mix with un-vaccinated people.”

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Claire SB, said: “I really like the idea.

"I think it’s a lot safer.

"To stop it being discriminatory I think it needs to be vaccination or negative lateral flow test.

“We all have a responsibility to protect other people.”

Jenny Furness, said: “Don't have a problem with it.

"People have the ability to choose not to have the vaccine, just not the ability to go to a nightclub without one.

"No particular reason I can see why anyone should have the freedom to infect others unnecessarily.”

Alfreda Davis, said: “I think its a great idea.

"This could be the beginning of our freedom again.”

Kurt Gostling, said: “Too right, bring it on.

"If people don't want a vaccination, fair enough, if they can't do things because of it, fair enough.

"They have a choice, live with it.”

But other readers are not happy about the idea of a vaccine passport.

Tracey Clayton, said: “I’m fully vaccinated but think it’s terrible to try and force anyone to get it, it’s personal choice and that’s how it should stay, banning anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable having it is wrong.”

Lucas Parkinson, said: “If it was that much of a threat they would introduce it immediately waiting until September contradicts the decision in itself but let’s be honest none of the decisions made throughout the whole pandemic have been logical.”

Jono Riley, said: “It will start with travel and nightclubs then pubs, shops, schools, jobs, benefits etc etc.

"If this goes through it will not end.

"No matter how anti vaccine or pro vaccine you are you can't support this.

"It's wrong on so many levels.”

Aaron Beach, said: “Realistically... how can a Covid Passport be implemented at venues and is this actually going to be passed lawfully?”

Jodie Sleight, said: “Controlling, discrimination, forcing... what happened to pro choice?”

Wayne Skippon, said: “Why are so many folk so keen to give up on their freedom?”

Cassie Ann, said: “How are they possibly going to check everyone going in to a big nightclub not only for I.D but for a Covid passport?

“Pretty unrealistic there will be queues a mile long!”

Patsy-Jane Homer, said: “Complete discrimination against those who can't have it for medical or religious reasons which is against the equality act and illegal.”

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