‘This is actually scary!’ Doncaster woman captures incredible starling murmuration above home on camera – VIDEO

This is the stunning moment an incredible cloud of thousands of starlings was spotted diving and swooping over a Doncaster suburb.

Laura Jayne Morgan caught the amazing spectacle – known as a murmuration – above her home in Lakeside yesterday afternoon.

The cloud of starlings above Lakeside. Photo and video: Laura Jayne Morgan

The cloud of starlings above Lakeside. Photo and video: Laura Jayne Morgan

Filming the dramatic footage through a window, she tells the camera: “This is actually scary!

“Oh my god, what is going on?

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“Wow – I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

The birds have been a regular sight in the skies near Potteric Carr nature reserve for the last few months.

Up to 50,000 starlings visit the site between November and January, where they roost in reed beds and create nightly displays of aerial acrobatics in the sky.

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Though it looks as if they’re guided by some supernatural force, each bird’s movement affects the closest seven birds around it, causing a lightning-fast chain reaction across the flock.

This creates the impression of a single, undulating entity, writhing in the sky like smoke - and is known as a murmuration.

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The best time to see a murmuration is in the area near Potteric Carr around dusk.