The Killers in Doncaster: Doncaster fishmonger supplies band with food during stay

A Doncaster fishmonger has revealed he supplied food to American music superstars The Killers during their stay in the city.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 2:48 pm

Now a Doncaster market trader has revealed that he supplied the band and crew with fresh fish during their stay.

Martyn Pippard, owner of the Gentleman Fishmonger in Doncaster Fish Market made sure The Killers and their entourage were served up fresh fish while in the city.

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The Gentleman Fishmonger provided food for The Killers and their entourage during their stay in Doncaster. (Photo: The Gentleman Fishmonger).

Sharing a photo on Facebook he wrote: “It takes days to set up ready for the show and we have had the pleasure of being the fishmonger to the chef who is responsible for the main production crew and the band.

"Here's Colin one of the road crew members over to collect todays freshest fish

"So we are feeling Mr Brightside. Want to know what’s on the menu?

"Cod today and tuna tomorrow - what shall we recommend for Saturday and Sunday?”

The band performed at the O2 Academy in Sheffield last week in preparation for their UK stadium tour which kicked off in Doncaster last night.

Members of the band’s stage crew have also been dining at Relish in the city centre, but band members were not present.