Teenager with anxiety left in tears after someone bullied her on prom night

Battling with anxiety since she was a little girl, 16-year-old Emilee Perry from Doncaster had always told herself she would not attend her school prom.

By Rahmah Ghazali
Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 3:35 pm
16-year-old Emilee Perry is seen crying in the car after someone poured a jug of juice over her at her school prom. Picture by Tracy Perry.
16-year-old Emilee Perry is seen crying in the car after someone poured a jug of juice over her at her school prom. Picture by Tracy Perry.

However, on the day of the prom last Friday, she finally agreed to go after persistent persuasion from her parents who convinced her that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But only after two hours her parents took her to the prom, her family received the devastating news that someone had poured a full jug of blackcurrant juice over her, ruining her hair, make-up and dress.

“It was heartbreaking to see her so distraught and embarrassed. This also shattered the bit of confidence my daughter had left,” said her father, Michael Perry.

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Out of frustration, her mother, Tracy Perry took photos of her daughter who appeared to be crying in the car and shared them on Facebook.

Little did they know that the post would go viral in less than 24 hours and they have since received overwhelming support from kind strangers all over the world.

Tracy wrote: “This is my beautiful daughter, who suffers with anxiety whom we had to beg to go to the prom this evening. Two hours later I collect her from the prom like this, heartbroken and in state.

“This ‘person’ thought it’d be a good idea to pour a full jug of juice over her and soak her from head to toe. I hope one day someone humiliates and devastates her like she has done to my daughter!!”

Michael said they were inundated with love and support for their daughter, which had helped her deal with her situation.

“This touched the hearts of thousands of parents whose children suffer from anxiety and we wanted to share this story to show that good can still come from a bad situation,” he said.

And it did not stop there, as several individuals have gone the extra mile by offering Emilee free make-up, dresses, and photo shoots.

A bridal wear company in Essex even offered her a modelling job, which Michael said that Emilee was keen to take up.

“It is unbelievable. It is definitely a silver lining to what had happened,” he said.

Emilee, who is the youngest in the family, also expressed her gratitude to all her supporters in her latest Facebook post, which so far has received over 4,000 reactions and over 1,200 comments.

She wrote: “The way that people have responded has absolutely overwhelmed me and has proven to me that I can get through everything and I hope that this makes me a stronger person.

“I’m personally making the decision to keep the name of the girl anonymous because I would HATE to be spreading her name around and causing her more hate and stress.”

Many have applauded her positive attitude and her decision to take the high road, by not naming her bully.

Rachael Moss wrote: “Your dignified response and reasons to protect the culprit can only be admired..!! You continue to be the girl you are, your family must be so proud of you..xx.”

Some could even relate to what she went through, as they too suffered at the hands of bullies.

Andy Mclean wrote: “I suffered at the hands of bullies every single day when I was at school. I also suffer anxiety and depression due to poor health and mobility,

“I just wanted to say you looked amazing on your prom don't let them win. Stand tall, stand proud and show them bullies they can't win. Good luck with your results and future.”