Stunning 'flying saucer' starling cloud spotted in skies above Doncaster

This is the mesmerising moment thousands of starlings created a flying saucer in the skies above Doncaster.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 3rd February 2020, 4:05 pm

The fantastic image was captured at the town’s Potteric Carr nature reserve – and shows more than 70,000 birds creating the iconic UFO shape.

Wildlife photographer Gez Robinson took the stunning photo after his grandson Noah spotted the birds flocking together above the wildlife reserve.

He said: “To see something like that is mind blowing.”

The flying saucer cloud of starlings above Potteric Carr. (Photo: Gez Robinson).

Known as a murmuration, the huge starling cloud, where thousands of birds swoop and soar through the skies is known as one of nature’s greatest spectacles.

Birds group together just before dusk to create the amazing sight before settling down to roost for the night.

Over the last few weeks, visitors have been flocking to Potteric Carr to catch a glimpse of the murmurations which have become a regular attraction each winter.