SONIC BOOM: BACKGROUND: The 1966 day when flying saucers were spotted in Doncaster

Stephen Pratt's iconic photo of three UFOs over Conisbrough in 1966. (Photo: Stephen Pratt).
Stephen Pratt's iconic photo of three UFOs over Conisbrough in 1966. (Photo: Stephen Pratt).

Last night's drama in the skies above Doncaster has had conspiracy theorists talking of UFOs and aliens.

Of course, we all know that last night's incident was down to two RAF Typhoons being scrambled to intercept an Air France airliner which had lost radio contact and had to be escorted in to land at Newcastle Airport.

But did you know that one of the most famous cases of UFOs being spotted in the skies above Britain happened in Doncaster exactly 50 years ago this year?

The date was March 28, 1966 - and that's when a 15-year-old local lad took one of the most iconic UFO pictures ever seen.

On that spring evening exactly half a century ago, Stephen Pratt captured a formation of what was apparently three flying saucers in this famous black and white photograph, taken in the skies over Conisbrough.

Taken outside his home in Leslie Avenue, the picture has been studied many times - with many experts believing it to be genuine.

According to reports, Stephen and his mother were returning home from a local fish and chip shop when his mum noticed a peculiar orange light in the sky.

As they got closer to home, they kept the glowing orb in sight until it stopped moving.

Stephen raced into his home, grabbed his camera and took the picture which appears to show three flying saucers in formation over the Conisbrough street, which is still there today.

Shortly after the picture was taken - the light disappeared - and it was only when the film was developed that the trio of UFOs were spotted - instead of the one Stephen and his mum had seen...

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