Socially distant record fair to be held at Doncaster outdoor market

A record shop owner says music helped him get through the pandemic and now he wants to share that joy with others through hosting a record fair in Doncaster town centre.

Wednesday, 16th September 2020, 4:45 pm

On Saturday, September 19 there will be a record fair held on marquee stalls outside the Corn Exchange.

Starting at 10am record lovers will be able to peruse a wide selection of music in a socially distant event organised by John-Paul Craven.

John said: “The record fair was originally supposed to take place one week before the lockdown started.

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The record fairs have previously been held inside the Wool Market but for social distancing purposes will this time be held outside the Corn Exchange.

“But now we feel that it’s the right time to host the fair and invite music enthusiasts to gather and celebrate a shared love.”

John owns a record shop in Bingley where he lives and has been surprised by how busy the business has been over the past six months.

“People need music,” he said.

Poster outling details of the event on Saturday, September 19.

“I’ve noticed that lots of people have rediscovered their record players and collection during the lockdown and that has ignited their passion for music again.

“They’ve got the bug again and they want music in a physical form such as a record instead of digital streaming.”

John says that lockdown has caused a disconnect within people and he hopes that by hosting an event for music enthusiasts he will be able to bring them together.

“Music gives people hope and it’s a universal pastime,” John said.

“Even though gigs and festivals have been cancelled anyone can put a record on at home.”

John says he has also noticed more people buying records as a way to support the arts during a rough patch for creatives.

He said: “It would be so sad if we lost art because of the pandemic.

“The Government has not been supportive and artists really need support.”

If the record fair is a success then John will host one every third Saturday of the month in the town centre.

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