Sheffield's infamous City Sauna brothel moves to new premises after TV show

Sheffield’s infamous City Sauna brothel has moved into brand new premises – after starring in a TV documentary show.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 9th December 2019, 12:40 pm

The massage parlour in Attercliffe, which is run by mother and daughter team Kath and Jenni Clark, was given nationwide television exposure again in ITV fly on the wall show A Very Yorkshire Brothel.

And at the end of the show, it was revealed that the the pair have abandoned the former pub to open up a brand new brothel further down Attercliffe Road.

The pair have moved into a new building and given it a total makeover after being wowed on the show by super brothels in Germany, where prostitution is legal.

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City Sauna has moved to new premises. (Photo: ITV).

The programme showed the decaying interior of the family run sauna’s old building – with damp, damaged fixtures and fittings and tired paintwork prompting the pair to call it a day.

They have moved into the new building, which is at 380 Attercliffe Road, still within Sheffield’s established sex zone.

Jenni told viewers: “I feel proud when I walk in. So proud of what we have done.”

The pair, who have run City Sauna for more than a decade, were seen enjoying a farewell party with sex workers before locking up for the final time.

The new building has decor and interiors inspired by the pair’s visits to brothels in Germany for the show, including a Moroccan themed room and another room featuring whips and restraints.

Added Kath: “It’s the end of an era. But we have a new place to go to.”

The two part documentary show is the latest look behind closed doors at what is rapidly becoming Britain’s most famous brothel.

Last night’s episode saw the pair campaigning to legalise prostitution in the UK, including petitioning for signatures among shoppers on Fargate.

And they were also seen jetting to Germany to see how legal sex dens operate in Europe – including one venue which has a restaurant, bar, gym, VIP areas and 22 bedrooms where men can stop all day.

The pair were also seen considering buying a narrowboat to operate as a floating brothel in and around South Yorkshire – but viewers saw them ditch the idea as impractical.

City Sauna first came to nationwide attention in 2017 Channel 4 documentary A Very British Brothel, which introduced millions of viewers to a world where girls have sex up to 15 times a day, punters rolling around in 69p tins of custard and grown men dressed in nappies for sexual thrills.

But the landmark building on Attercliffe Road with its blacked out windows and a familiar sight to travellers entering the city by train actually began life as a pub nearly 200 years ago.

The Norfolk Arms, as it was previously known, first opened its doors in 1830 and when the Industrial Revolution hit Sheffield, workers from nearby factories, foundries and steel works crowded into the bar to slake their thirsts.

It closed in the mid 1980s and operated as a massage parlour under a number of names before finally becoming City Sauna.