Sheffield named as tightest place in Britain for leaving tips

Sheffield has been revealed as the tightest place in Britain when it comes to leaving tips.

Monday, 1st April 2019, 14:38 pm
Updated Monday, 1st April 2019, 14:43 pm
Sheffield folk are tight when it comes to tips.

A survey found that the nation’s tightest tippers come the city – with people from Sheffield leaving an average tip of just £1.94.

That figure put it ahead of Leeds, Plymouth, Newcastle and Norwich who made up the rest if the top five.

Sheffield folk are tight when it comes to tips.

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The study found that  the most generous diners are to be found in Glasgow - but also revealed that Brits overall aren't great tippers.

Only 72 per cent of people in Sheffield say they were likely to leave something for the staff after a meal, making it number one in the poll.

When it comes to the actual amount, the study from travel experts Big Domain asked people how much they would pay on a £30 meal.

Those who said they would leave a tip suggested an average of only £1.94 in Sheffield - or about six per cent.

That's still short of the ten to 15 per cent that VisitLondon says is the recommended amount in the UK.

The reasons given people by the surveyed for not leaving a tip include rude waiting staff, cold or poor-quality food, mistakes on the order and delays.

Internationally, Germans and Americans were more likely than those from Russia, Brazil, France, Britain, Spain and Italy to leave a tip, a separate study found.