Seriously ill pet dog suspected stolen by gang in Doncaster

Devastated  pet lover Dean Jenkinson fears for his seriously ill rare breed dog - after it went missing from his Doncaster home.

He fears that his pet Jasmine - a seven year old rare weimaraner - has been stolen after she failed to come home for over a month.

Dean Jenkinson and his Weimeraner Seth, appealing for the return of his other dog Jasmine who has been missing for 4 weeks

Dean Jenkinson and his Weimeraner Seth, appealing for the return of his other dog Jasmine who has been missing for 4 weeks

He reported the missing pet to the police on the same day she vanished, because he believes she must have been stolen as she has mobility problems which would have stopped her from straying far from home.

Jasmine is one of two dogs owned by Dean, and she has suffered from a serious spine condition which means parts of her spinal cord was coming through the bones and stopping her from walking.

Dean, of Thorpe Lane, Thorpe in Balne, payed £7,000 on an operation to relieve the problem, a sum which he is still paying off on his credit card. She also has a condition which causes her to fall over then she sits up.

She has been learning to walk again since the operation, and when she goes out for walks, she wears a special harness so that Dean can pick her her front legs up if there are any steps or kerbs that she needs to climb.

Dean said: "I'm frightened that someone may try to breed from her, and that would kill her.

"She is a weimaraner, a rare breed of German gun dog, silver grey, a bit like a dobermann, but she's not grown to her full size because of her illness. Because of her condition, she doesn't bend her front legs and walks with them straight.

"It is worrying that she has gone. We have another dog, Seth, who is a couple of years old and is pining for her..

"Jasmine is not healthy and needs a lot of support, and no one will understand that. We need her back.

"We thought she may have got out of the gate, but she can't walk far because of her illness. I think someone has come in and taken her.

"I would urge anyone else with a dog to keep their gate locked and not to let the animal out of their sight. It is frightening that someone could be coming in and taking the pets that we love."

The dog was last ween on February 15 at around 6pm. It was reported to South Yorkshire Police later that evening.

A South Yorkshire Police statement said: "We got a call at around 10pm on February 15 of a stolen pet. We circulated details to local officers."