Search begins for Doncaster youngsters who want a career in TV, film and theatre

South Yorkshire based Musical Theatre academy are holding open auditions children ages 7 – 18 looking to attain a career in TV, film and theatre.

Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 8:49 am

Having built a strong network of television production companies and theatres up and down the country, current CAST Academy have enabled students to book appearances in high profile television, film and theatre shows such as Coronation street, The Voice UK and international tours such as Mary Poppins to name a few, CAST Academy are looking to expand their service offering to anyone looking to take performing arts as a career.

With an unlimited amount of places available on their books, the academy is holding open auditions on the 27th April. The successful auditionees will be enrolled into the aptly named ‘Star Team’ where they will receive next level training in acting, singing, dancing & audition technique. Included in the affordable monthly tuition, students will also receive frequent master class opportunities with industry professionals such as casting director Lee Mountjoy & Amy Ross who has recently finished reprising her role as Elphaba in the WICKED UK Tour. Above all, the successful applicants will receive free agency representation with exposure to monthly networking opportunities within the theatre and performing arts profession. Rebecca Elliott, co-founder of CAST Academy said “I believe there’s some incredible talent right here in South Yorkshire and being able to offer an assessable route into the performing industry is a dream come true for me and my business partner Amy Parker. It’s our belief that talent is enough & if nurtured correctly the possibilities are endless. You should never have to pay for an agency to represent you that’s why we’re offering this service at no extra cost to the affordable star team tuition.

Our goal ultimately is to put South Yorkshire on the map by showcasing the talent we have right here on our doorstep. To anyone looking to audition or to bring their children to audition here are my 3 top audition tips:1. Prepare Make sure you’re well prepared for your audition. Do your research on the audition material. Learn all your words, really understand them, and make sure that you can recite them in your sleep.

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A chance to grace the cobbles

2. Don’t worry Nervous about being nervous? We know this means you care. Try our breathing technique. Breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 14. This will steady your nerves, level your head and you’ll be able to smash your audition. 3. If you’re reading this - we want to hear from you! Yes, we want to hear from people wanting a career and aspiring to be a professional, but, we also have amateur classes and if you’re interested who knows what pursuing a new hobby could lead to.”

Someone who has already made the cut is 13 year old Alex Rose Wright who sensationally played the part of Jane Banks in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang international tour), “I love the Star Team lessons, they’re so much fun & I have learnt so much already. My favourite part about being on the star team is the ongoing training and support. The teachers at CAST Academy are training me to stand out from the crowd to make sure that when I go to auditions I’m the best I can be and that I’m continually improving audition after audition. I really feel like my skills have improved leaps and bounds since I started in January ”CAST Academy always welcomes new talent any age and any ability. Whether it be professional or just for fun they have it covered. With a growing adult cast & exciting dance classes the academy is thriving. To book a star team audition simply go to or for any other enquiries contact CAST-Academy via their Facebook Page: CAST-Academy Wath or Maltby or alternatively email [email protected]