Number of love cheats in Doncaster rockets to 16,000 – and Brexit is to blame 

The number of people cheating on their partner in Doncaster has rocketed to more than 16,000 – and Brexit is to blame, according to infidelity experts.

The number of people currently cheating on their other half in Doncaster is 16,471 – an increase of 11% on the 2018 figure, when 14,884 people were playing away.

There are 16,000 people in Doncaster having an affair.

There are 16,000 people in Doncaster having an affair.

Married dating website says that the rise in the number of people cheating in Doncaster is because of Brexit – with high Leave voting areas reporting an increase in the number of people cheating.

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Spokesman Christian Grant said: “Almost seven out of ten people in Doncaster voted to leave in the 2016 referendum - and there is anger that their wishes have not so far been carried by the Government.

"People feel betrayed by the Government. This sense of betrayal impacts on relationships, too.

“If you feel cheated, you are more likely to cheat, too - and that has been happening to couples in Doncaster."

The firm’s Infidelity Index says that 5.4% of all people in Doncaster are currently having an affair.

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Cheating is also on the rise in nearby Sheffield where there has been a 6% rise in affairs since last year.

There are people currently 20,221 cheating on their partners - up from 19,133 on 2018. logs how many people are cheating on their partners across the UK – and more than one million people have registered with the site in the last ten years.

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Nationally, South Yorkshire is one of the 'hotbeds' for cheating.

Added Mr Grant: "We have noticed a sharp rising in cheating in South Yorkshire, particularly in Doncaster.

"The main reason why is that people want to brighten up their lives and escape all the bad news going on currently by having an affair.

"The economy is definitely a big factor in the rise in cheating. People in unhappy relationships cannot afford to divorce and set up two new homes.

"So instead they are coming to an agreement - they will stay together under the same roof and turned a blind eye if one or both partners want to have an affair.