New dedicated Doncaster radio station TX1 is making waves on the airwaves

Radio has become like a family friend to millions of us across the last 16 months, with people tuning in on a daily basis as they work from home.

By Darren Burke
Sunday, 1st August 2021, 10:22 am
TX1 is filling the gap left by the demise of Trax FM in Doncaster.
TX1 is filling the gap left by the demise of Trax FM in Doncaster.

And in Doncaster there's a brand new station dedicated to the town that's making waves on the airwaves with its mix of music and local content.

Free Press reporter Darren Burke spoke to the people behind TX1 - on how they are hoping to become a big noise in Doncaster in the years ahead.

LISTENING to the radio is like pulling on a comfy pair of slippers.

Stewart Nicholson (front) and Chris Holden are bringing local radio back to Doncaster.

Those reassuring and familiar voices that soundtrack your breakfast or your drive home, factories and workplaces stopping en masse to listen to quizzes, singing along to your

favourite anthems as you hurtle along the motorway - radio has touched all of us in one way or another over the years.

Locally, for more than two decades, Trax FM was one of Doncaster's most popular listens, with people across the town and Bassetlaw tuning in for music and entertainment with a distinctly Donny slant.

But when it was axed and replaced with a nationwide station called Greatest Hits Radio last September, a void was created for a truly local station with local presenters focusing on local issues.

Stewart Nicholson is spearheading the return of local radio to Doncaster.

Step forward TX1, a brand new station dedicated to Doncaster and Bassetlaw and staffed and produced by a host of presenters from the ex-Trax stable.

The station, which launched online, app and smart speaker last September, is now available on DAB too, meaning even more listeners are waking up to the newly created station.

And that's music to the ears of sales director and programming director Stewart Nicholson, two former Trax employees who have taken on the task of taking TX1 back to the top of the charts in Doncaster.

Said Stewart: "We are so proud of the radio station we have created for people here in Doncaster and Bassetlaw.

"We hope that with local broadcasters, our own dedicated local news, local information that affects Doncaster and Bassetlaw and the best music from the 80s to now, TX1 will fill the void that was left when Trax FM closed down last year."

"We've already had tremendous feedback from listeners and advertisers who are loving the sound of the station."

Chris, who has spent a lifetime in the advertsing industry, admits the closure of Trax came as a shock – not just to himself but all the staff and presenters who had helped establish the station as a popular local favourite.

He said: “It became quite clear that lots of people had a lot of love for Trax and were sad to see it go.

"We knew there was a definite gap in the market we could step into and fill that void.”

With friends in the industry pointing the pair in the right direction to get started, the station is now pumping out classic hits from across the decades as well as local news and information around the clock.

There’s also a mix of specialist shows, with everything from soul to rock, dance and indie catered for.

Now the plan is to drive the station forward, with proposals for its own studios further down the line as well as live broadcasts from community events and galas.

Added Chris: “We want to keep things as close to Trax as we possibly can do, while establishing our own identity too.

"There is still a place for truly local radio in Doncaster.”

Added Stewart: “It’s OK having stations broadcasting from Manchester and London, but we’re passionate about keeping it local – even the jingles between the songs mention Doncaster place names.

"Local knowledge is a wonderful thing – and that’s what we want to give to the people of Doncaster and Bassetlaw. The response so far has been very positive and we want to keep that going.”

"We’re proud of the way TX1 sounds and we’re proud to be part of the community.”

More details on TX1 are available HERE where you can also listen in and find the station’s full schedule.