Nearly 40% of people admit to using cooking oil instead of sun cream

Tan crazy residents of Yorkshire are ditching protective sun creams and using COOKING OILS in a misguided bid to tan quicker, a study by supermarket Asda has revealed.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 09:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 09:40 am

218,000 Yorkshire residents risk burns and skin cancer by smearing vegetable, olive and coconut oil on their skin before sunbathing, with men (38%) worse than women (9%) for raiding the kitchen cupboards.

Shockingly, a quarter (25%) of sun worshippers have purposely not applied sunscreen in the bid to tan quicker, even though four fifths (80%) of residents have suffered sunburn.

Tan fans are using cooking oil instead of sun cream

The research also found that for nearly a quarter (22%) getting sunburnt does not bother them and even more worryingly, over a quarter (26%) somewhat believe that a sunburn will turn in to a tan.

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Attitudes to the sun seem to differ depending on whether we are abroad or in the UK.

Over four fifths of residents (84%) will apply sunscreen when abroad, but for those opting for a staycation, more than half (54%) will not apply sunscreen.

Almost a quarter (24%) don’t think the sun in the UK is strong enough to need sunscreen, with 15% also thinking it is unnecessary.

Love Island’s Dr Alex George – an NHS doctor who famously suffered bad sunburn in last year’s series warned: “We are a nation of sun-worshippers, but it’s worrying to see that so many Brits are using cooking oil to get a better tan and are unaware of the importance of UV protection – especially when buying sunscreen. Whether at home in the UK or holidaying abroad, we need to take sun protection and damage seriously. We all have a friend that burns quicker than others, risking serious skin damage and even melanoma skin cancer to achieve a tan is simply not worth it”.

Meanwhile, nearly three quarters (70%) will put on sunglasses as a form of sun protection, whilst over two fifths of sun worshippers (41%) are put off buying sunscreen as they think it is expensive.

A spokesperson from Asda comments: “We want people to have fun this summer, but we want them to be safe in the sun. When outdoors it’s important to protect yourself and use a sun cream with a 5* UV rating, ensuring it is applied regularly throughout the day to avoid burning in the sun. For as little as a few pounds, holidaymakers can protect their skin from harmful UV rays regardless of whether they are holidaying abroad or in the UK this summer”.

Although more than half (53%) worry about UV light causing skin cancer, and the effects of UV to aging their appearance (26%), nearly half (48%) never check the UV forecast before going out into the sun and when buying sunscreen, residents are more concerned about SPF rating (69%), than UV rating (56%).

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