'Naked man running amok at Doncaster railway station' story fools internet users

Doncaster railway station
Doncaster railway station

A spoof story about a naked man running amok at Doncaster railway station has fooled a string of internet users.

According to the hoax story, printed on media site South Yorkshire News Online, a "naked man went crazy in Doncaster Railway Station this morning" - and the story has been shared nearly 1,000 times on Facebook and has also spread through Twitter.

But the story, one of dozens of spoof stories on the site, is a hoax.

The article claimed the man had been 'assaulting passengers and doing gymnastics."

It described the man as "alternately fighting people, assaulting commuters and doing acrobatics."

It added: "The man ran amok inside the train station harrasing passengers and vandalising property" and continued: "The action started at 11am outside the station when a man began shedding his clothes, screaming, and jumping on top of cars.

Supposed on-lookers alleged to have witnessed the scene included a taxi driver called "Ray Bentos" and a 50-year-old man called "Henry Kray."

Bentos was supposedly quoted as saying: "The man looked possessed, bouncing off the top of cars. Some of the acrobatics were quite impressive"

While "Kray" was quoted as saying: "He ran into the station and grabbed a boiling hot coffee out of my hand and poured it over himself and then started screeching. Then he jumped on top of a vending machine. The man was treating the equipment in the railway station as if it were a gymnasium"

The article concluded that the man then jumped on top of a train that had pulled into the station and started doing "star jumps" before being wrestled to the ground and being carried out by police on a stretcher.

One Facebook poster seemingly taken in wrote: "It's obvious he has mental health issues bless him. It is scarey and I hope he gets the help he obviously needs as he's a danger to himself pouring hot drinks over himself. Hope they got Crisis team out and not cops as they have no training into mental health treat em as criminals."

Another wrote: "Ray Bentos.....? Is this a wind up and the 'F' is missing?"

While another added: "Giggly innit swiped someone's coffee n swilled is self doing star jumps on top of the train hahahah."

The website describes itself as the "only news service you can trust" and the "real voice of South Yorkshire" and also carries 'court reports' where defendants listed include names such as Geoffrey Panasonic and David Toupee.