Mum’s bid to track down Doncaster woman who came to rescue at airport

A young mum has launched an appeal to track down a Doncaster woman who came to her rescue at an airport.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 12:07 pm
Lynda with her son Jacob.

Lynda Irvine was travelling from Belfast to Birmingham with her 22-month-old son Jacob when she was told she would have to pay an extra charge for her luggage on the flight.

Because she only had a few pounds on her in cash, she was unable to pay the charge – until a kind-hearted woman came to her rescue and handed over the cash to get her home.

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Now she wants to track her down to say a proper thank you for coming to her aid.

She said: “She was an angel. If she hadn’t have stepped in to help I don’t know what I’d have done. I want to send her some flowers to say thank you.”

Lynda’s troubles began as she headed to her home in Birmingham from Belfast Airport on Sunday.

She was told by Flybe staff at the airport that she would have to pay £40 for a case to be but in the hold because it was too big for the cabin.

She said: “I only had £20 for travel and food for me and Jacob.

“They were insisting I had to pay the £40 so I started texting people for help and also called my mum who offered to do a payment over the phone.

But she says Flybe staff refused her mum’s offer and that the case wouldn’t be put on.

Added Lynda: “By this stage I was very upset and stressed and Jacob had also woken up from nap and was getting upset and wanting out of his pram.”

But she says a Doncaster woman called Winnie Barwell and her husband came to the rescue, handing over the £40.

She said: “They refused to give me their bank details, saying they didn’t want it returned – they just wanted to get me and Jacob on the flight OK.

“I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done. I kept trying to refuse help as it shouldn’t be a stranger needing to help but i am so so grateful that Winnie took it upon herself to help my situation.

“I’d love to get her address so I can send some flowers to say thank you.”

Anyone who can help put Lynda in touch with Winnie can contact [email protected] and we will pass the messages on.