More people in Doncaster will start affairs today than on any other day of the year 

More people in Doncaster will embark on an affair today than on any other day of the year, according to new statistics. 

Dubbed ‘Blue Monday,’ today is set to be the peak day for affairs – sparked by being cooped up with a partner over Christmas, bad weather and looking for a fresh start for the New Year.

Today's the day to start an affair in Doncaster

Today's the day to start an affair in Doncaster

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According to married dating website, the prolonged festive period highlights the cracks in relationships with the period after Christmas the busiest week for cheating.

Registrations on the firm’s website are forecast to be up 28 per cent, with affairs tipped to be at their peak just seven days in to the year.

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Company spokesman Christian Grant said: “After an overdose of Christmas, the New Year, and most importantly, each other, many couples are making splitting up their number one New Year resolution.”

In a survey of 500 new sign-ups, 75 per cent claimed that being cooped up with their partner over the Christmas period left them feeling suffocated and in need of some time apart.

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That, together with miserable cold weather, darker days and the despair of heading back to work has left couples across the country gasping for something new and exciting that the thrill of an affair can bring.