Moon and Me: Sheffield’s starring role in new hit CBeebies TV show

A new children’s TV show which is tipped to be as big as the likes of Teletubbies and In The Night Garden will have a touch of Sheffield in it when it airs for the first time next month.

Moon and Me, the latest creation from award-winning writer and producer Andrew Davenport, will be screened on CBeebies from February 4 – and is set to become the latest in a long line of children’s TV smash hits.

Pepi Nana, star of new CBeebies show Moon and Me

Pepi Nana, star of new CBeebies show Moon and Me

And the format of the series was based on University of Sheffield studies, Mr Davenport has revealed.

Ahead of the show’s launch – which will introduce youngsters to character such as Pepi Nana, Moon Baby, Little Nana, Lambkin, Colly Wobble, Mr Onion, Sleepy Dibillo and Lily Plant, he said that he worked with researchers at the university to help study how children play when coming up with the format for the show.

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The pre-school series, which launches as part of the re-vamped CBeebies Bedtime schedule, features a magical toy, Pepi Nana, who lives in a Toy House with a 'family' of comical toy friends.

When researching the show, Davenport, 53, worked with the University of Sheffield to uncover how children play.

The project saw cameras set up in a toy house - and it revealed the youngster's love of tea parties and stairs. 

All this inspired Moon and Me - which emphasises hands-on play over the use of technology.

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Mr Davenport, said: “Pepi Nana and her friends share books, write letters to each other, draw pictures, make things, invent things and go in search of adventure together. 

'By deliberately eschewing any form of CGI in favour of filming with beautifully-realised real objects, Moon and Me celebrates children's imaginative play with "real stuff", - ironically perhaps - play that happens away from screens.'

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Davenport's most beloved success, Teletubbies, first aired in 1997 and has since been viewed by an estimated one billion children across 120 countries.

In The Night Garden - a colourful live-action puppet show which features the adventures of Iggle Piggle and his friends - aired between 2007 and 2009.