Lost Doncaster dog reunited with owner after getting trapped in musician’s car for 15 hours

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A lost Doncaster dog has had a tearful reunion with its owner – after bizarrely getting trapped in a musician’s car for more than 15 hours.

Sasha is now back home safe and sound at her Doncaster home after leaping into an unattended car whose owner made the strange discovery after returning from a gig in the middle of the night.

Musician Taylor Payne found Sasha on the back seat of his car after returning to his vehicle after a concert in Wales.

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In a series of tweets, the guitarist from South Shields explained how he had found Sasha – and managed to reunite her with her owner in the early hours of the morning.

Sasha was found on the back seat of Taylor Payne's car. (Photo: Taylor Payne).Sasha was found on the back seat of Taylor Payne's car. (Photo: Taylor Payne).
Sasha was found on the back seat of Taylor Payne's car. (Photo: Taylor Payne).
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He tweeted: “So this happened last night. Went to Wales to do a gig and as we always do, we parked our cars at a pick up point in Doncaster and joined the van to head to the gig.

“Gig done and we drive back up the country to pick up our cars and drive home.

“We got back to the cars around 2:45am and I went to open my car and there was a dog sat in the back seat...an actual dog.

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Musician Taylor Payne found Sasha the dog inside his car.Musician Taylor Payne found Sasha the dog inside his car.
Musician Taylor Payne found Sasha the dog inside his car.

“In my locked car obviously this is a bit of a surprise as I don't own a dog and there wasn't one in my car when I left it.

He then explained how he called over band-mates to check out the animal which had taken up residence in his vehicle.

"Erm lads, there's a dog in my car", he wrote.

“F*** off it's late, no there isn't...S*** THERE'S A DOG IN THE CAR!!!" followed by 6 blokes standing around scratching our heads going "What the f***? How's that got in there?”

“So we all just stand there looking at it wondering what the hell is going on and the dog barks a couple of times and now I'm starting to freak out a bit.

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“How is there a dog in my car? I get her out of the car and she's got a lead attached to her collar and a little ID tag but the number and address on it are really faint. I manage to read the number and call it but it goes to voicemail, so I Google maps the address and it's just round the corner.

“We turn up at the house and knock this bloke out of bed at 3am and he answers the door and goes "nar, that's not my dog"

“But the dog seems really happy and excited and is trying to get in the house. So we apologise and leave the guy and go back to the car.

“I have another look at the collar and the phone number and realise what I thought was a 3 was actually a worn out 8.

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“So I call the number again and a woman answers. I say I think we might have your dog and she just breaks down sobbing and crying down the phone.

“Apparently this woman's son had taken the dog for a walk at lunch time and lost her. She'd been missing all day since about the time we arrived at the garage to load the van and they've been out looking for her all night.

“It turns out the address on the collar is their old address and the dog must have recognised the house so that's why she was all excited

“We think she's seen the door open while we were unloading the car and jumped in. Then we've locked up and left her there without realising.

“Anyway, this is Sasha the dog, and she's now home safe and sound.”