Jeremy Clarkson says cancelling Jeremy Kyle is punishment for ‘fat and unintelligent’ people who voted Brexit

Outspoken Doncaster TV host Jeremy Clarkson has said the cancellation of The Jeremy Kyle Show is punishment for ‘fat and unintelligent’ people who voted for Brexit.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 1:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 12:49 pm
Doncaster motoring host Jeremy Clarkson.
Doncaster motoring host Jeremy Clarkson.

The ITV show was axed last week following the death of guest Steve Dymond after failing a lie detector test.

Now the Grand Tour and former Top Gear presenter has had his say and said the decision to cancel the long-running show amounts to unfairly taking away the ‘plaything’ of Brexiteers.

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He wrote: ‘So what sort of show should be beamed into the plasma-filled homes of the fat and the unintelligent? ‘Repeats of the Richard Dimbleby lectures?’

Clarkson says he has never seen the show – although has been in the Salford-based studio while the programme was being filmed where he witnessed the show’s live audience.

‘It’s obvious from their leggings that what they want from a TV show is two overweight people slagging each other off until one is escorted from the studio by a security man the size of a Buick,’ he said.

‘This causes them to moo and low like farmyard animals, both in the studio and in council houses all the way from Wolverhampton to Carlisle.’

Writing in The Sunday Times, Clarkson went on to explain these ‘farmyard animals’ as Brexiteers, and suggested that’s why commentators are ‘gleeful’ at the axing of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

According to the columnist, the ‘soft-left intelligentsia’ have plenty of things to keep them entertained, such as ‘craft beers’, ‘vapes’ and ‘whole-food restaurants’ but those who watch Jeremy Kyle have had their pubs, their cigarettes and their bitter taken away.

Clarkson, who has previously spoken in support of remaining in the EU, said: ‘I don’t want to punish them. Yes, many wanted out because they want less immigration, but that doesn’t make them Hitler.’

Previously, Clarkson has described people who voted for Brexit as ‘coffin dodging idiots who don’t want to live next door to Syrians.’