Instagram influencer gives up booze to raise money for cancer charity

An Instagram star who promotes the idea of ‘fat acceptance’ has quit drinking to raise money for a Doncaster charity.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 10:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 3:54 pm
Lindsey in Waterstones Costa Coffee - 24/07/19.

Lindsay Marie McGlone, aged 21, from Balby, is giving up alcohol for 21 days.

She is raising money for the Doncaster cancer support charity Firefly, which takes patients with cancer to their appointments at regional hospitals.

Lindsay’s mum was diagnosed with cancer last year, and she and her family used Firefly seven or eight times.

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Lindsay at a diner.

She said: “We don’t drive so it was a worry for us. Taxis are very expensive and my mum couldn’t work because of the cancer. So we used Firefly - they were proper sound. Proper Donny folk. They pick you up and take you to treatments but also take the family to visit.

“It made it easy for us - we were not worried about transport. There was also the community effect of meeting other families going through cancer. They were so down to earth and don’t mollycoddle you.”

Lindsay decided to take on the challenge of giving up alcohol to raise money for the charity.

She was inspired by a BBC documentary called Hayley Goes Sober.

Lindsay Marie McGlone

She said: “I saw it after a night out and thought ‘I could do that’. My online following know that I love a drink - I usually go out three times a week. It’s gone alright so far - I’m quite impressed with myself. I thought when I started I wouldn’t be able to go on nights out. But I’ve been out four times since I started - it’s more of a chilled night but doesn’t feel that different. The bouncers and staff in Flares have been really supportive.”

Lindsay has the weekend off ready to celebrate the end of her challenge.

She runs a successful Instagram account @rollingwithlindsay_ with 11.4K followers.

She focuses on fat acceptance and liberation on her page - often posting photos of herself in retro outfits.

She said: “I’m an extrovert - I like to share my opinions. I’m a Donny lass and I speak my mind, there’s no pretence.

“I make a political statement with what I wear every day - I’m going against social norms.”